How do pickup notifications and reminders work?

Pickup notifications and reminders are sent by email and/or SMS (text message).

Whenever food is delivered to a pod, a pickup notification is sent to the user who ordered the food by SMS (text message) and email. The notification contains a hyperlink which the user can tap on to open the cubby. The notification also tells the user what time the pickup window closes. In order to ensure food safety, the user will not be allowed to pick up after the pickup window closes.

If the user does not pick up their order by halfway through the pickup window, a reminder notification will be sent by SMS. The user will also get a pickup expiration notification by SMS if they haven't picked up their food when the pickup window closes. Users will not be able to pick up their orders after the pickup window has closed unless they ask a property manager or other building staff to open the cubby for them.

The default pickup window is two hours.