How do I open a cubby for a tenant?

You can open cubbies from the pod dashboard.

You may be asked to open a cubby for a tenant if they (a) forgot to bring their phone to the pod; (b) deleted their pickup notification; or (c) didn't pick up their order before the pickup window closed. To open a cubby for a tenant:

(1) Go to

(2) Log in to your account.

(3) Select the pod location. You will then see a representation of the pod.

(4) Tap on the cubby with the tenant's phone number displayed on it.

(5) Tap on the OPEN FOR CUSTOMER button.

NOTE: For food safety reasons, tenants should not be allowed to access their food if more than four hours has elapsed since it was delivered to the pod. In that case, the food should be removed from the pod and discarded.